Why Do We Overspend??

There are a few areas where I like to spend my money and decorating my home is one of them. Coming home is an expensive affair because I tend to buy a lot of fragrance-oriented things such as reed diffusers, essential oils etc. Last year, we had one reed diffuser set for the sitting area. Now, we have three.

I know I spend a lot when I am at home. Last time, I made a fixed deposit for two months of whatever was left in my savings account so that I don’t spend it on the whim. This time I wanted to splurge. With a relaxed grip over my savings account, I felt I could afford anything. Even the reed diffuser set that cost more than Rs.1500. After all, I always wanted to have a classy-looking reed diffuser.

After reaching home, I realised that it was not necessary. I could have got one for half the price. And I am sickened by the fact that I had no intention of buying it in the first place. I just went for a walk and ended up buying things.

It made me wonder about overspending so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. The amount that we spend may not be big. But, if we don’t pull the strings now, spending without thinking may start to become our character.

We try to satisfy our emotions with material things

Buying things make us feel good, especially when are in the dumps and we feel like we are stuck in this inescapable rut. I wasn’t feeling good that day and that’s the reason I wanted to get some fresh air. For a few minutes, I felt hopelessly lonely. Shopping feels like the best antidote to loneliness. In that small window, my brain could not process things correctly and I ended up doing a blunder.
Paying by card makes it easier to spend during those vulnerable moments.

So, next time you feel the need to buy something, ask who is making the decisions: you or your feelings. And if you still feel the need to get it, buy it in cash or withdraw if you don’t have enough cash with you. The process of going to the ATM will very likely kill your mojo of getting that thing.

Will power plays second fiddle to the environment

The walking route that I took directly lend me to ‘Home Town’. The area that different shopping complexes and malls. If I could have chosen a different route that didn’t lead to shopping malls, I may not have got the urges to shop at an impulse.

Many of us have gone to shopping malls foolishly telling ourselves that we won’t make any purchases. However, resisting those wonderful things on the shelves and hangers is a tough job that most of us are not good at.

If you want your money to stay in your pocket, avoid roads that lead to shopping malls or visiting one just because you have nothing better to do on weekends.

The company we keep may also determine our spending habits

Don’t love shoes but end up with a dozen shoes that you don’t even wear? You can blame your friends. Just like everything else in life, friends have a tremendous influence over your spending habits. Because we are most likely to spend our weekends hanging out with our friends. While you may not be able to put a finger on it, but unknowingly, your friends have a role to play in the debit transaction alerts that you receive on your cell phone.

So, if we want to spend money more mindfully, knowing our triggers can be of great help. Next time you overspend, try to figure out the reasons behind it and make sure that it is not repeated. After all, crying is of no help. We need to focus on what it taught us.

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